Grey_Space is a place for people to share stories and advice about harassment in the workplace.

From romantic gestures, to physical touching, to explicit offers for professional advancement in return for sex, the variants of sexual harassment people face in the workforce today are complex and manifold. Such experiences can jeopardize careers and damage individuals’ professional sense of self. For many, these situations are scary, isolating, and disempowering. And trying to figure out how to respond can be even scarier.

Whether reporting an incident to HR, going to the media, initiating a direct conversation, or keeping quiet and muscling through, people have several options in the wake of harassment. But what is the right one? The ensuing complexity constitutes the “grey space” of these situations. Often, it feels like there’s no perfect answer.

Grey_Space operates on the belief that the best we can do is to learn from each other. By offering professionals a place to engage with other professionals and read about their experiences, Grey_Space can help people decide what solution is right for them on their own terms. Grey_Space lets us learn from each other’s mistakes and become inspired by each other’s triumphs.

Got a story to share?

Your story can help other professionals navigate similar situations in their own lives. Whether you’re pleased with how things went or not, your reflections will help the next generation of professionals navigate through the grey space of responding to sexual harassment in the workplace. Click here to share your story.

About the Team

Tayler Lonsdale

Founder and Advisor. LinkedIn.

While her experiences working in venture capital and software have been largely positive, Tayler has had her share of awkward workplace encounters. In these situations, Tayler relies on her close circle of girlfriends, supportive husband, and wise parents for advice and a game plan. Inspired by the power of shared experiences to help her face down tough issues with confidence, she created Grey_Space to offer a similarly supportive forum for professionals to get support and share their stories with the community.


Mara Steiu PozaMara Steiu

Website Administrator. LinkedIn.

Mara is a rising junior Global Scholar at Babson College, studying Business Analytics and Computer Science. She has previously founded and scaled 2 ed-tech ventures in financial and entrepreneurship literacy, currently working on a 3rd venture that aims to democratize access to high quality yet affordable college admissions counseling for high school students. She is very passionate about combining entrepreneurship, technology and women empowerment, having so far spoken about these topics at multiple international conferences (TEDx, MiSK Global Forum, Tech Open Air Berlin etc.).